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Patio Renaissance Monticello



*Patio Renaissance Monticello is available in two finishes: Latte (shown below) and Barley (shown on credenza below)

Patio Renaissance Monticello sofa, chair, swivel glider, and cocktail table

973071 Monticello sofa,
83w x 40d x 36H
973061 loveseat,
57w x 40d x 36h (not shown)

973031 Monticello chair,
32w x 40d x 36h

973029 Monticello swivel glider,
32w x 40d x 36h

973044 Monticello ottoman,
25w x 23d x 15h

973052 Monticello adjustable chaise,
32w x 84d x 23+h

973054 Monticello double adjustable chaise, 56w x 84d x 23+h

973031L/R Monticello left & right sectional chairs, 28w x 40d x 36h
973090 corner chair, 40 x 40 x 36h
973031A armless chair,
                      26w x 40d x 36h

973045 Monticello 45 degree wedge,
55w x 40d x 36h

973052L/R Monticello left & right chaise, 54d x 40w x 36h

973061L/R Monticello left & right loveseat, 66w x 40d x 36h

973034 Monticello coffee table w/ Farnham top, 26d x 48w

973022 Monticello end table w/ Farnham top, 24 x 24

973036 Monticello round coffee table w/ Farnham top, 42d

973049 Monticello round ottoman,

973084 Monticello dining table w/Farnham top, 44w x 84d
973020 side chair, 20w x 27d x 36h
973021 arm chair, 24w x 27d x 36h

973048 Monticello round dining table w/ Farnham top, 48d

973023 Monticello swivel rocker dining chair, 24w x 27d x 36h

973008 Patio Renaissance Monticello
swivel bar chair, 24w x 19d x 47h

997094 Patio Renaissance Monticello serving island, 74w x 30d x 42h

997094 serving island rear view detail

997095 Patio Renaissance Monticello credenza, 61w x 22d x 36h

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For more information, please call us at 1-800-841-1420, or you may email us at efurn@ellenburgs.com .

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